Angelique Bender 
(714) 330-5663

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Why did you decide to become a doula?
I became a doula because of my sister Michelle. She was my doula and childbirth educator. Her energy during my pregnancy and birth was beyond amazing. I had no idea about all the birthing options that are available to women before she and I really sat and talked out what my birth preferences were. I thought you go to a hospital and have a baby. Looking back, I laugh about that how much I didn't know. The most memorable thing about Michelle was when she came to me when I was in labor and helped me through each contraction. She took care of me and encouraged me. She massaged me and fed me. She was always two steps ahead of me knowing exactly what I needed. No matter what way mommas choose to give birth, support is needed.

What is your philosophy about birth?
I believe that every woman should be able to birth the way she wants, regardless of what that may be. I am here to support mom and dad in whatever they need.



What are your specialties or unique qualities?
I am a massage therapist and use acupressure and massage for comfort during birth. I find that aromatherapy is really helpful as well as energy work and guided meditation....and of course patience and love..