Jennifer Angell
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Even as a small child, Dr. Jennifer Angell has always been drawn to birth and babies.  Playing with her three sisters, she would "birth" and breastfeed her dolls, play house and "mother" younger kids.  She grew up with an in-home daycare, always having a baby in her arms.  Circumstances drew her to pursue a field in health care, so after completed an undergraduate degree in chemistry, she graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minneapolis, MN in November 2001.  Her favorite classes in chiropractic school were obstetrics and pediatrics.  Immediately after graduation, she enrolled in a post-graduate program to specialize in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic.  In 2003 she became a certified birth doula through DONA and started attending births as a labor coach.  Dr. Angell has owned and operated several specialized chiropractic practices, focusing on treating pregnant women and children.  She moved to Southern California in 2006 and very quickly became involved in the birthing community.  She began teaching The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth in 2007 after the home water birth of her first daughter.  Dr. Angell is currently enrolled in midwifery school, finally pursuing her ultimate dream of supporting families as a primary birth attendant.  She has attended over 250 births as a birth doula, assistant midwife, and midwifery student.  She welcomed her second daughter in 2016 in another peaceful and beautiful home water birth.  Dr. Angell advocates for a woman’s right to birth choices and strives for the highest level of health and wellness for mothers, babies, and families.