Shalimar Little
(949) 212-5694


1. What do you offer OC Doula's customers?

I offer all my doula clients unwavering emotional, physical, and spiritual (if requested) support before, during, and immediately after their time of birth. I work intimately with each woman/family to help them discover their own unique path to their very best birth experience.  This includes being available to answer questions, role play relaxation exercises and labor positions if desired, and in general, offer the knowledge that has come to me from birthing and parenting three children of my own over the last ten plus years. I hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology (UCLA, 1999) which has lent itself well in the area of helping clients process their fear of birth or other emotions and situations they might wish to discuss.  Additionally, I have lived in this area for thirty years so I have an extensive list of resources to share both within and beyond the birth community.

2. Why did you decide to become a doula?

I have always been a natural teacher, encourager, comforter, and researcher. In 2002, as my husband and I were preparing for the birth of our first child, we connected and developed a strong bond with our natural birth instructor and eventually hired her to attend our birth. That first birth experience, with our doula, my husband, and my mom by my side, ended up being so positive and life-changing for me that I shared it with whoever would listen. My husband did the same in his circle of male friends. I quickly found myself being called to the houses of friends and friends-of-friends, informally teaching my own version of natural child birth classes. As soon as I entered a season of life where my children didn't require nighttime parenting anymore (amen to that!), I began attending births, which led to the pursuit and completion of my doula certification through DONA International.


4. What is your philosophy about birth?

I believe birth is a completely natural and wonderful act that the body was perfectly made to do. As with every area of life, it does not always happen as we expect, but this does not mean we should approach birth fearfully, rather respectfully and reverently. It has been my experience that when a woman has chosen her own birth path and/or feels very positive at the end of her birth experience then she feels right with the world! This affects her self view and ultimately her relationship with her child and those around her.  As a doula I believe the most powerful, positive thing I can do is remind, encourage, and support a woman's efforts to decide what type of birth SHE desires and then do everything in my power to help her achieve that.

"Giving birth [however you choose] should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear." Jane Weideman