Courtney Ellis LM, CPM 
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Why did you decide to become an Doula & Midwife?

I have always been drawn to the amazing process of pregnancy and birth. Soon after becoming pregnant in 2003, I was hooked.  Looking for any excuse to learn more about birth and be around this amazing experience.  I felt so empowered by my births and believe every woman has that right.  As a midwife and monitrice I provide holistic, one-on-one care for women, empowering them and working with them to make informed decisions about their bodies and babies. It is my goal to help families come together to create a safe and peaceful birth experience, wherever that may be. .

What is the difference between a monitrice and a doula?                                                                               

When I set out to focus on my midwifery practice I missed supporting women in the hospital. Not everyone wants to or can have a home birth and I love to bring those two worlds together.

A monitrice is a unique combination of a doula and a midwife. They provide all the same physical and emotional support of a doula but can also help monitor mother and baby while laboring at home. A monitrice can monitor baby’s heart rate, monitor the mothers vitals and even check cervical dilation if requested.  You even have the option of laboring in a birth tub before going into the hospital. A monitrice will accompany you to the hospital and continue to provide emotional and physical support as a doula.  This may be the perfect option for families who still wish to birth in a hospital but like the idea of extra support and laboring at home.  

What other services do you offer?

In addition to full service doula and midwifery prenatal care, I offer placenta encapsulation for my clients as well. There are many great benefits including:

• Increase general energy

• Allow a quicker return to health after birth

• Increase production of breast milk

• Decrease likelihood of baby blues and post-partum depression

• Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency

• Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders

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